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Helping Kids with Depression and Anxiety: 6 Steps for Parents

Being a parent is like being a guide through a big, confusing maze. It can be even trickier when your child is feeling anxious or depressed. The good news is there are steps you can take to help them feel better.  Understanding Anxiety and Depression in Kids  Anxiety and depression aren't just things grown-ups deal with. They are among the most common mental health challenges kids, from ages 3 to 17, face. Anxiety and depression can show up in a number of ways. Kids might have trouble sleeping, stomach issues, headaches, feel worried a lot, have big mood swings, trouble…
Learn to Live Team
June 4, 2024
Mental Health

Celebrating Farmers and Ranchers

We want to take a moment on National Ag Day to recognize our country’s hard-working farmers and ranchers. We depend on you to supply food, fuel, and fiber while working in tough conditions. It's a critical job that most people don’t understand or appreciate.
Learn to Live Team
March 19, 2024
Mental Health

Is it time to speak up? 

How do you handle situations where the other person is doing something that creates problems for you? We all respond in our own ways. Do you find yourself acting like a doormat? Do you become an aggressive bully? Are you someone who stings others from the side so you can't be discovered? Are you someone who just speaks up? Which one do you think you are most of the time?  
Dr. Russ Morfitt
February 16, 2024