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April is Stress Awareness Month

We usually feel stressed when we’re afraid of something that might happen at work, home, or in general. These non-life-threatening triggers fool our body into believing we’re under attack. We might respond by pulling back and withdrawing or fighting back. When this happens, it’s helpful to remember that you are safe. You don’t need to solve the problem right now. Your only job is to help your body calm down.

Here are a few ways to calm down when you begin to feel stressed:

  • Go somewhere quiet. This allows you focus and hear what’s going on in your head. Take deep breaths for about a minute. Notice any thoughts that come. Let them pass.
  • Clear your calendar. A busy schedule can make you feel stressed and anxious. Schedule free time, even few minutes in the day, week or weekend to reduce stress. Free time is just as important as your work and social commitments.
  • Do something with your hands. Focus your attention on journaling, baking, gardening, drawing or anything active. This will help calm your mind and reduce stress.

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